What To Do If You Have COVID-19 Symptoms


Consult with your primary care provider
Your primary care provider will determine if you meet the criteria and should be tested for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Call ahead before seeking medical care
Before visiting your primary care provider or coming to our hospital, please call ahead so that the necessary precautions can be taken as to not expose or infect others. 

Stay home, except to get medical care
Restrict outside activities and avoid public places and public transportation, carpooling or ride-sharing.

Separate yourself from other people in your home
If you have respiratory illness symptoms, isolate yourself from others at home. Stay in a separate bedroom and use a separate bathroom, if possible. Also, restrict your contact with pets.

Monitor and treat your symptoms
Take your temperature. Get sufficient rest. Drink plenty of fluids. Take over-the-counter medications, as appropriate or as directed by your physician. Be aware of any changing symptoms and their severity and take action, if needed.


If you have a medical emergency, go to the ER or call 9-1-1
If you or a loved one is experiencing severe breathing difficulty, call 9-1-1 or come to our emergency department. So we can be prepared, please have someone call ahead and let the ER know you are on your way with COVID-19 symptoms. You will then be evaluated by a physician to determine if you meet the criteria for COVID-19 testing.


The current Oregon Health Authority guidance does not authorize COVID-19 testing to be performed upon patient request when presenting to the Emergency Department or Clinic. In order for COVID-19 testing to be performed by our lab, a physician order must be provided. If you would like to inquire about getting tested for COVID-19, you should contact your primary care provider for additional guidance. At this time, Coquille Valley Hospital is not authorized to perform testing upon patient request.

The Oregon Health Authority does not currently recommend asymptomatic testing for individuals who have no known contact or high risk exposure to confirmed or presumptive COVID-19 cases (OHA 2267 6/30/2020).

If you have further questions, call our main number: 541-396-3101