Accreditations & Associations

Coquille Valley Hospital is a proud member of several national healthcare associations, ensuring that we are meeting the highest expectations in providing safe and effective care for our patients. With these certifications and memberships, our goal is not only to excel at the healthcare we provide, but also to attract the most qualified healthcare professionals to our team and to seek innovative solutions and resources to meet any challenges we face today.

The Joint Commission

Our most recent accreditation is to The Joint Commission, the leading national commission that supports healthcare organizations on their journey to efficient, effective, sustainable healthcare. This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to the compliance of rigorous standards and helps to strengthen Coquille Valley Hospital’s delivery of care. The Joint Commission’s seal of approval is a widely recognized symbol of quality and patient safety, and it is the nation’s largest and only accreditor that reaches across the full continuum of care. Coquille Valley Hospital has earned the commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Hospital Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards.

Oregon Health Authority

Oregon Health Authority is responsible for the state’s Medicaid program, among other duties. Coquille Valley Hospital is a member coordinated care organization of OHA, offering annual Medicare Wellness visits for eligible patients with the support of funding to reduce costs to patients.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ American Joint Replacement Registry

Since 2009, the American Joint Replacement Registry is the world’s largest registry of hip and knee replacement data, with over 3 million procedures from hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and private practice groups on record. As a participating member, Coquille Valley Hospital submits monthly data about our orthopedic patients, procedures and post-operative outcomes to enhance the patient experience and benchmark performance and to reduce complications and revision rates.

American Association for Respiratory Care

As the leading national and international professional association for respiratory care, the American Association for Respiratory Care encourages, promotes and facilitates the professional excellence of our Respiratory Therapists. The association serves as an advocate for patients and their families, the public, the profession and each of our Respiratory Therapists.

American Gastroenterological Association

As a member of the American Gastroenterological Association, Coquille Valley Hospital stays up to date on the latest GI news and research, connects and engages with colleagues and advances its skill sets to provide accountable care. Through this association, we strive to enhance patient understanding and use evidence-based recommendations to guide our healthcare decisions with regard to gastroenterological issues.