Julie Daniels, RN
Primary Care
Julie Daniels, RN

Meet Julie

Julie Daniels knows Coquille, and her family is entrenched in the community.

“My husband grew up in Coquille. We live in the house he was born in. His father was the police chief for over 20 years. He loved Coquille and the people here. I am trying to keep this legacy alive with the care I provide at the clinic.”

At Coquille Valley Hospital Primary Care Clinic, Julie specializes in hospice, palliative care and chronic care management. The majority of adults have one or more chronic diseases, Julie says, and those patients often need frequent check-ins and coordination of care and resources. Julie partners with each patient and their care team to set goals and to create a personalized plan related to their lifestyle, medications and medical care. She enjoys the relationships she forms with patients in the community, talking to many of them on a weekly basis.

She also enjoys the diversity of clinic nursing.

“One day I can take out sutures from a 6-year-old’s knee, the next I can comfort a husband who has lost his wife. Every day is a new day to help people.”

She is recognized internationally for her excellent nursing, having won a DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Her empathy is outstanding, say her peers, as she strives for patients to leave her office feeling better and equipped with the right resources to take care of their health.

Julie and her husband, who is retired, love to garden and visit the beach. They have six children and recently became grandparents. They also have two mastiffs, “who rule the house,” she jokes.

For 23 years she has been giving nursing her all, starting each day with her signature optimism. “I always give 100%.”

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Undergraduate Degree
Bachelor of Science in Nursing,
Oregon Health & Science University, Portland

Board Certifications

Oregon State Board of Nursing