Nicole Janke, FNP-C
Primary Care
Nicole Janke, FNP-C

Meet Nicole Janke, FNP-C

Nicole Janke, FNP-C in the Coquille Valley Hospital Primary Care Clinic, would like all the patients who choose to come see her to have a feeling of being cared for in a non-judgmental, understanding and personalized atmosphere.

“‘Meeting patients where they are at’ has always been my favorite saying in healthcare, because when you can relate to patients and spend time listening to their needs, positive outcomes increase,” Nicole says.

Empathetic and a good listener, she prides herself on being easy to talk to and encouraging. “People have told me multiple times that I am easy to talk to and to disclose information to.”

Her special areas of interest are family practice, with a focus on adolescent and young adult care. She says, “The work with kids and teens is a lot more meaningful because I am a parent and I know some of the questions to ask. Right now, I have a kid in every stage of life, so it’s kind of neat to know what to expect and what not to expect when I do well-child checks.”

When she is not taking care of patients at Coquille Valley Hospital, Nicole enjoys traveling to see her children participate in sporting events. “I also enjoy traveling and seeing new places!” she says.

She enjoys working in patient care for many reasons. “Making a difference in an individual’s life and healthcare is a rewarding experience,” she says.

Nicole also strives to be a mentor to novice nurses and medical assistants. “Students’ experiences are enhanced with a positive and encouraging mentor.”

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Graduate Degree
University of St. Augustine of Health Sciences, Florida

Undergraduate Degree
Associate of Applied Science, Nursing
Southwestern Oregon Community College,
Coos Bay, Oregon


The American Association of Nurse Practitioners