Laboratory Services

At Coquille Valley Hospital, we believe the best healthcare begins with the best information, and we know that a great deal of information can be gathered through lab testing to advance diagnosis and treatment. Caring and collaborative, we are focused on providing efficient, rapid testing and results. Our compassionate, highly skilled phlebotomists work hard to put patients at ease.

Laboratory Services

Fast And Accurate

We can accept lab orders and provide results to any doctor or facility in the United States. Lab tests are performed in-house and are usually processed and sent back to the doctor the same day. Often, in-house lab results are available within an hour. Extensive referral testing is sent to and provided by Mayo Clinic Laboratories. Our laboratory is certified by the State of Oregon and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), regulated by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), and has been deemed an “exceptional” laboratory by the state.

Lab Services

Blood Bank – Analysis of potential blood recipients to screen for blood type, Rh type, and the presence of antibodies against red cell antigens prior to a transfusion for blood loss or anemia. We will “crossmatch” a patient’s blood with donor blood to determine compatibility prior to transfusion.

Chemistry – Testing for a variety of hormones, metabolic chemicals, and drugs from serum and plasma. Common tests include: cholesterol, lipid panels, potassium, cardiac markers, pregnancy and thyroid.

Hematology – Analysis of blood formation and blood disorders, which includes a count of the total number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets present in blood.

Immunology – Analysis that includes the evaluation of autoimmune disease, immunodeficiencies, immunoproliferative disorders, and allergy, as well as for some aspects of infectious disease serology, the scientific study or diagnostic examination of blood serum, especially with regard to the response of the immune system to pathogens or introduced substances.

Microbiology – Testing that looks for infection in the bloodstream, sometimes called systemic infection, such as bacteria or yeast that might be causing an infection.

Urinalysis – Analysis of urine by physical, chemical, and microscopical means to test for the presence of disease, drugs and more.

For general information about lab tests, visit Lab Tests Online.

Laboratory Hours

  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 6 am to 6 pm
    (no appointment necessary)
  • Location: 940 E 5th St, Coquille, OR, 97423
  • Directions: From Hwy 42, turn north onto N Central Blvd., turn east onto E 5th St; the hospital is on your left.
  • Floor: 3rd
  • Phone: 541-396-3101 Ext. 1057
  • Fax: 541-396-6421
Jennifer Storts/Laboratory Manager
Jennifer Storts
Laboratory Manager

Having grown up in Coquille, Jennifer Storts is thankful to live and work in her hometown, caring for her friends and neighbors in her role as laboratory manager at Coquille Valley Hospital. She and her team work to put people at ease and provide rapid lab results to assist in diagnosis and treatment.