Linda Maxon
Chief Development Officer
Linda Maxon

Linda Maxon, Chief Development Officer

Chief Development Officer Linda Maxon knows firsthand what it means to feel vulnerable and to need help when it comes to healthcare. Years ago, her child was diagnosed with a debilitating disease for which there was no cure.

“We knew that our journey would be different,” she recalls of that painful time for her family. “It showed me very early on, four months into my career in the medical field, that we’re all vulnerable and we all need help.”

As chief development officer, Linda is focused on developing a business model that supports the growing healthcare needs of the community, while attracting providers who will help expand access to healthcare in our rural areas.

“We are looking for incredibly compassionate providers who want to live in rural communities because rural medicine is unique,” says Linda, who finds building a team of excellent healthcare professionals to be extremely rewarding.

“There’s work to be done in creating access and removing barriers to care for the community,” she adds. “When I moved to this region, it really brought an awareness of the need for people to have access to healthcare services.”

“All of it is an economic investment in the community,” she says. “We help people be well, and we treat disease. But at the same time, we’re creating jobs and we’re helping people grow their careers in their local community.”

Developing a foundation for economic investment in the region is a priority for Linda Maxon who joined Coquille Valley Hospital leadership as chief development officer in 2023. With a longstanding tenure in the regional medical community, Linda’s focus remains on helping people be well, while also creating jobs and supporting people grow their careers in the medical field.

Linda earned her Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Oregon Health Sciences University, and MBA from Portland State University. With a Fellowship from Geiger Gibson School of Public Health, George Washington University and 16 years of experience in non-profit healthcare, Linda’s focus is on collaboration with hospital leadership and the medical community in growing programs and services to support the region.

“I have a commitment to bringing services closest to those who need it, while reducing barriers to access to care.” Linda and her family love their life in Coos County and the beauty it offers.