Terri Brandt Correia

Growing up, Terri Brandt Correia never had a doubt in her mind that she wanted to be a nurse.

“I did not come from a family of nurses, nor did I have a personal health experience that prompted me toward the profession,” Terri says. “I truly feel that I was called to the field of nursing to make an impact on the lives of those I cared for.”

Terri attended Linfield University’s School of Nursing in Portland and has earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), a Certified Nurse of the Operating Room (CNOR), and a Master of Business Administration (MBS) with an emphasis in health care management.

Terri brings this wealth of expertise to Coquille Valley Hospital as Chief Nursing Officer. She is an advocate of direct patient care and finds great joy in mentoring, teaching and sharing her knowledge and experience with her staff.

“I really enjoy developing relationships with nursing staff,” says Terri, who focuses on what she can do to assure that her nurses are delivering quality, safe, patient-centered care.

“The Coquille Valley Hospital staff is dedicated to their profession and committed to provide optimal care for their immediate and surrounding communities,” she says.

An Oregon native, Terri feels at home in Coquille, enjoying the outdoors and living near family. She loves to fish, hike, upland bird hunt and go to the beach or the mountains with her husband and their three dogs, Bella, Jasper and Mikey.

Terri and her husband also enjoy traveling, especially to Mexico where they endeavor to explore remote communities and connect with the people there. Most people know her to love cooking for her family and friends and brewing beer. Less known: Terri is a certified SCUBA diver.